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Hi, I'm Amogh Gowda, and I'm a first-year medical student at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.


The reason for Gift8Lives stemmed from my 8th grade English teacher–Ms. Costello. She was waiting for an organ, and told me about the experiences she went through and the struggles people endure while waiting for a new organ. That really struck a chord with me, and I realized that teens my age don't know much about the lack of organ donors and the issue that it has become. Since then, it’s become my passion to raise awareness about organ transplantation and donation! Recently, Ms. Costello received a kidney after waiting for about two years, which is great. However, thousands of people wait much longer, so it is still very important to continue to advocate for organ donation.

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Amogh Gowda | Troy, Michigan

Hello, I’m Srishti Gowda, a junior at Michigan State University's Osteopathic Medical Scholars BS/DO program. I’ve been a proud Girl Scout for twelve years now, and I enjoy helping my community in any way I can.


I also had Ms. Costello as my 8th grade English teacher and after I heard about the struggles she had to go through before she received an organ, I was inspired to make a change. So, I joined my brother in his efforts to educate teens and children about the facts of organ donation. I accomplish this by volunteering at Gift of Life Michigan’s events, where I talk to the community and encourage them to sign up on the organ donor registry.

I co-founded Gift8Lives club at Troy High with my brother, and I earned my Gold Award in August 2020 for an improved organ donation education toolkit I developed with Gift of Life Michigan for Driver's Education classes.

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Srishti Gowda | Troy, Michigan
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