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Educating Teens at Segment 1 and 2 Driver's Ed Classes!

Welcome to July's blog post! It's been a very busy month with Gift8Lives. There are some events this month we've participated in(like GOLM's LIFEWalk), that we'll save for next month. Anyway, let's get into it!


Driver's Ed: Organ Donation Education

I'm close to getting my driver's license, so I thought it would be a good idea for Gift8Lives to present at some of the many Driver's Ed classes that happen at Troy High School throughout the year. These classes are the perfect venue to talk about organ donation, because these students will be faced with the choice to either sign up as an organ donor, or not while applying to get their first license.

This was Gift8Lives' first time presenting at a Driver's Education class, and it went very well! The students of both Segment 1 and Segment 2 classes learned a lot from our presentation and the video made by Gift of Life Michigan. The students were able to understand that many of the organ donation myths they believed in(I'm too young to sign up, I need parent permission), were simply false. Anyway, here are some pictures from the talk!

Click the arrows in the gallery below to view all the images!

I'd like to thank Mr. Czarnik with Courtesy Driving School for supporting me throughout this entire process! I had Mr. Czarnik for Seg 1/2, so I knew that he would love to include this into his Driver's Ed curriculum. Since Gift8Lives will be a club at Troy High next year, he is willing to let us present at more of his classes, which is awesome.


So that's it for this month! Be on the lookout for next month's post, there'll be a lot of new information. Thanks for reading, and see you next time.

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