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A Busy March!

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by to read March's blog post. I hope you're all enjoying this excellent weather we've been having, especially during spring break! Let's get right into it.


Speaking at Segment 2 Driver's Ed

I spoke at Courtesy Driving School's Segment 2 Driver's Education class after school on 3/20 about organ donation. It was definitely great doing it again! Big thanks to Mr. Czarnik for helping with coordinating the talk.

Mrs. Zasa's Presentation at G8L

At our March 12th Gift8Lives meeting, Mrs. Zasa, the volunteer coordinator and secretary of state liaison for Gift of Life, came in to talk about organ donation from an OPO(Organ Procurement Organization) perspective, which was very valuable to hear.

Dr. Dhillon at our Gift8Lives Meeting

At our March 28th Gift8Lives meeting, Dr. Dhillon, Ms. Costello's nephrologist, spoke about his experiences as a physician and with organ donation. It was really cool to understand the perspective of someone who has interacted with thousands of patients, and Dr. Dhillon's talk definitely reflected that.


So that's it for this month! Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have an excellent spring break.

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