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Organ Donation Videos from Gift of Life!

Hello everyone, I hope you're all staying safe amidst the pandemic! Let's get right into it.


Quarantine Organ Donation Video Series!

Lately, Gift of Life Michigan has been publishing some amazing videos that provide insight into what the organ donation process has been like throughout this pandemic. As you can imagine, the last thing anyone would want is the spread of COVID-19 between organ transplants, so GOLM has been taking many precautions to ensure that every party involved with organ donation stays safe and healthy.

With that, here are three of their most recent videos. Please take a look at them–they're actually very insightful into the whole process.

The above video discusses with Stephanie Sommer and Curpri Sanders, medical examiner and funeral home liaisons, as to how Gift of Life works with these very important partners in end-of-life care.

Above is a basic myth-busting video! Understanding the organ donation process sometimes prevents people from making the decision to donate life. We want to dispel myths and answer questions about how donation happens! Please share this video to help others learn about the respect and compassion shown for donors and their families.

The above video discusses how Gift of Life Michigan recruits and supports their staff of more than 200 employees, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. This video has an interview of Nathalie Davis, Chief of People & Culture.


That's it for this month! Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time.

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